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The forces behind IPCRES (International Project Centre for Research into Events and Situations) recognising a world teetering on the edge of hyper-rationalisation and chaos, have decided to make a pre-emptive strike against the hacker by leaking our own files for a limited period only. In the face of a neo-liberal globalised agenda fuelled by financial speculative capitalism re-appropriated and simulated by the billionaires, our sponsors have identified that what is most at risk is creativity and the freedom to invent. We used to call it art, but as an idea it is now much too important for such a small word. We at IPCRES deem it necessary at this point to intervene, and state that we are imposing a period of qualitative easing on all concepts, including politics, philosophy, history, economics, literature, science, law, diplomacy, commerce and especially the media. Music is fine (although it wouldn’t harm). Furthermore, we have diagnosed that the world is becoming static (statik), and what’s more at an alarming rate. If this process of stagnation continues then events and situations in their natural dynamic state will become rarer. Indeed this is what is happening in our increasingly repressive era. The forces behind IPCRES therefore decree that all objects (especially those that have been commodified to be force-fed to the populace) including ossified and systemised ideas, shall become subject to our own programme of ‘conversion’ in order to ensure the survival of events and situations in their original form and natural habitat. In the spirit of invention, experiment and therefore imagination, any concept, idea or object that is deemed to have been rendered static, and therefore no longer mobile or mutable, shall from this time onwards have what might be perceived as it’s essence converted to seriality. This is the IPCRES programme of the Conversion of Essence into Series and should be applied liberally.

Weary of a ‘post-everything’ society, with all it’s pre-fixes, acronyms and vacuous use of language, IPCRES’ sponsors have decided to move the goal posts by declaring that the stultifying era of post-modernism (including post-politics, history, and the ridiculous post-truth) is at an end. In the service of creativity we can also foreclose on the ongoing and tiresome debate of what to call this so called post-post era. The time after modernism (if one might think such a thing) was a time that appeared to project an idea of time without a future, a time of indecision, consternation, and the futility of looking over one’s shoulders in an empty gesture. This new era however shall be typified as the Time of Conversion. IPCRES (and its backers) decree that from now on it shall be the duty of every citizen to convert all that is placed before them into an image of themselves under their own imaginative capacity, thereby transforming the everyday through the democracy of subjectivity. To Convert Essence into Series is to always invoke the future, to engender creativity for the collective good and to dilute the rigidity of systems by participating in the ever-evolving world of events and situations. It is a creative rejection of the credo of the pariahs of the present who constantly proclaim as their repeated article of faith (as the late great John Berger has remarked); ‘There is no alternative’. Ideas, systems and objects are not by necessity fixed or static and the essence of each can be modified creatively everyday by dissolving it into a series in order that life can be lived creatively and enjoyably by all through a matrix of creative acts, with decisions engineered for the good of the task at hand. These series can be divergent or convergent but must be synchronised in order to harmonise with the activities of others in order to produce the best of all possible worlds. The Time of Conversion is about potentiality and nothing else save the improved qualitative experience of all. IPCRES has identified this process as Qualitative Easing in order to nullify a world currently full of quantitative measures that in the end can only usher in despots and a Kafkaesque chaos.

To convert the image of an object or idea is to filter it through one’s imaginative capacity rendering it first mutable and then creative in itself as a potentiality. Any object of attention, be it real or virtual should be imagined and reimagined in all its possible variations and as every potential that it holds within itself. In another parlance it should be de-territorialised from its habitual meaning and re-territorialised as what you need it for in that moment. All that exists has the potentiality to be created again anew, fit for the everyday and the future and a legacy for those people still to come. This holds for ideas, entities and processes just as it holds for any useful object of attention in everyday life and work. The forces behind IPCRES have tasked all operatives through the agency of chief administrative operatives, Dr Paul Jeff and Dr Laura Jenkins, to propagate this new practice of creativity for the common good. Any citizen can become an operative but they must first renounce all common practices and habitual forms. It is the solemn task of IPCRES to nurture the construction of all events and situations, to promote mutability and constant variation in every object of recognition or action of thought. Only in this way can the individual, and so the collective resist contemporary societies of control and begin to live the required sophisticated and creative life that was once imagined, thereby neutralising those who would subjugate or profit. It is not (only) as our precursors Debord et al imagined that art should be politicised and set against power but rather that all other disciplines as listed above should be subject to the creative potential that always has and continues to describe the arc of artistic activity and creative thought.

This site will sporadically display the blueprints of our own thought and those who wish to join us. The ‘whale-languages’ in which we experiment as we develop new events and situations are for now hidden for safe-keeping in information files. We seek to free art and creative thought of its prior obligations to recognizable forms, obvious materiality, decoration and proclivity to exchange. Allowing it to procreate and co-exist with ideas, calculations, experiments, actions, encounters, writings, and images in an abandonment of linear logics, to produce simultaneously the book and the reading room.

IPCRES merely observes that events and situations A) are always indeterminate, and B) they always flirt with catastrophe.

Manifest - to make plain or discernible.

Festoon – to do up or embellish.

The International Project Centre for Research into Events and Situations