The navigation procedure is both purposefully obscure and simple at the same time. Think of Walter Benjamin’s great unfinished book The Arcades Project with its convoluted, folds and fragments, then think of a child as they rummage through a box found in an attic to see what is there. Both hold the promise of anticipation, and depending on your sensibilities either excitement or disappointment. Just as Benjamin ‘unpacked his library’ he built his great book out of the promise of creative excitement in the dismantling and rebuilding process. Like The Arcades Project the IPCRES site is built from fragments torn from their original contexts and put together in new creative arrangements, in the hope that a bigger picture will emerge from the small tiles of the mosaic.

Like a filing cabinet the information on the site is hidden, with just a ‘tab’ to give a clue as to what each section contains. In this case the tab consists of ‘key words’ from the project file in order to shine a dim light into the possibilities of the content. On future visits these ‘tabs’ might act as an Ariadne’s thread by which to find your way back into the crypt of the file. Like the spy who opens the file cabinet under cover of the dark you have just the weak light of your pen torch by which to rummage through the files until you find that which is of interest. And so the ‘art’ is folded into the information and the information is encrypted into the IPCRES files. To navigate you must decide which door to go through and see if you can remember your way back. All files hold the potential to be updated.

This site is not meant to be a repository of works or a PR exercise, but hopefully a blueprint for a new contemporary form of the book perhaps, as it is yet to come and as Benjamin envisaged. The IPCRES files are a creative act in themselves and our backers would like it to be read as a cohesive (yet mutable) creative work; like a novel, like a painting, like a photograph, like a town, seen from many hilltops or vantage points. Like an idea, sometimes distinct and sometimes obscure, but always to be converted into a constellation. Like a file, that in the end may or may not be important.

Please enjoy your venture into the IPCRES files and remember where you have been as it will most likely establish where you will go next.

The files are open for a limited time only!