IPCRES:  The International Project Centre for Research into Events and Situations.


IPCRES is an academic research centre based at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, set up to enquire into durational art practices. These are practices often made manifest through the design and construction of enigmatic events and situations. The centre is set up to conduct experiments into mobile and mutable forms of imaginative engagement with the world, and on the surface appears to be quasi-Situationist, or can even be seen in the light of `pataphysics, promoting its own playful obscure mystery as it conducts these experiments into aspects of everyday life. IPCRES draws inspiration from the thought of Gilles Deleuze. Major concerns are the continuing battle against stasis via our promise to convert essence (wherever we might find it) into series, and the promotion of qualitative experience over quantitative procedures, or Qualitative Easing as we have named the process.
We have set IPCRES up to act as a creative lab; to engage in experiments, re-enactments, and the controlled creation and propagation, broadcast, proliferation, circulation, dissemination, promulgation and transmission (McCarthy. T) of encounters, enigmatic events, situations and scenarios. The activities of IPCRES will look at the nature of the creative act as it exists in opposition to representation, and disseminate findings A une passante/to a passer-by. This Baudelarian micro-narrative will continue to work as a model for the re-production of experience and its dissemination into the urban space as enigmatic qualitative lived moments. IPCRES considers the constructed event/situation as a mobile site of distraction and surprise and one in which more attentive modes of encounter are produced and received.

IPCRES 2016 background test