# 0996 .. .–. -.-. .-. . … key words: protest / catastrophe / progress

blueprint MISSION BRIEFING Protest


IPCRES protest swansea.jpg

ipcres-frame-protest-against-progress-small bw inverted.jpg


Paul D, protest image bw

swansea protest grid blue.jpg

ipcres klee benjamin.jpg


protest on sofa inverted.jpg



mission briefing protest cph.jpg

IPCRES protest copen copy

Crisis, Creation,Critique plac copy

protest danish trans copy.jpg


cbs jpg bw inverted.jpg

IMG_9009 bw inverted.jpg

copenhagen protest grid blue.jpgmarch cph bw inverted.jpg

copenhagen pamphlet side a protest

cph pamphlet blue 1

cph pamphlet blue 2.jpg

cph pamphlet blue 3.jpg

cph pamphlet blue 4.jpg




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